Let’s Talk About the Most Underrated Show on Netflix : Designated Survivor

Mimi Julles
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if you looking to watch some short series, let me recommend you this show called Designated Survivor. it’s REALLY GOOD 10/10 would recommend. within 3 seasons they bring up lots of important topics that is so relevant even though it’s been a year since the last season aired. They cover topics such as bio/terrorism, privacy issues, HIV healthcare, gun violence, Racial Injustices, climate change, LGBTQ+, countries territory, and much much more. Like, seriously, the show is so good even the lead actor: Kiefer Sutherland said that he decided that 24 was gonna be the last series that he will act on, but he changed his mind after reading the script because it is THAT good

The show is about Tom Kirkman, he is a “lower level” cabinet member as an Housing and Urban Development Secretary he is assigned as the Designated Survivor on the night of The State of Union. Then a devastating attack happens, The Capitol got blew up and took lives of The President and cabinet members. Tom Kirkman, who was named as designated survivor of that event, finds himself to be the President of The United States, literally the leader of the free world. And he must keep the country together from chaos while he himself adjusting to this new role and struggles with personal issues.

It’s honestly so entertaining and once i watched it, i keep binge-watching it until the end of the series. Like, the guy is really do trying his best, and also, the people surrounding him, his inner circle in the office is so nice and sincere, i really like them. But it also have some minus like some of the main characters went missing on the 3rd season, i keep wondering where they are but they just missing, but thankfully they can continue the plot, but still, and this particular FBI agent that is so reckless sometimes it gets to the point to become really annoying to me. But shout out to Kal Penn he plays his character- Seth very well, natural, and relaxed. But this is just my personal opinion, feel free to watch it and have your personal opinion also. Happy watching 🙂


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