Dreams, Life, Reality in Hollywood

Mimi Julles
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Hollywood is a miniseries taken time in the 40s. The show is about characters that are trying to make their way into stardom. The thing is every main characters comes from a marginalized background at the time. For example the writer of ‘Meg’, Archie Coleman is gay, actress Camille Washington is a black woman, etc. They are at that time not designed to ever stood a chance in “that” Hollywood.

I see what Ryan Murphy is trying to do here, as he said in repeated interview that “this show was motivated to give the happy ending to people who didn’t get one at that time.” It is rewriting history in some alternate universe.

I think the show is beautiful and entertaining, as it is show us how the world should be. even though it is comes out as naive but it should not be detracts from what the overall message. But i think the story plot is pretty predictable and every character get what they want in just a little struggle so it’s doesn’t felt really raw and real. But overall it is still very enjoyable.

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